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Coupling Laser beams into Fiber Optic Cable!

In this video clip I show exactly how to combine Lasers right into Fiber Optic cable television rapidly as well as quickly utilizing a fiber aesthetic mistake locator, some mirrors and also some DIY fiber collimators.
I likewise combine light right into Multimode as well as Singlemode fiber, as well as show what occurs when you go beyond a fiber’s bend-radius.
Optical fiber is even more intriguing than simply telecommunications, there a range of uncommon applications consisting of high voltage picking up, temperature level dimension as well as even more!

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Episode 46


I have a number of means intriguing jobs in the pipe checking out great stff with optical fiber, so subscribe!

0:00 Intro
0:08 Fiber optic wires
2:06 Fiber Colimator
3:14 Coupling Light DIY Fiber collimators and also couplers
5:54 Visual Fault Locator
7:51 Coupling a Laser right into a Fiber Optic
11:55 Coupling right into solitary setting cord
13:00 Fiber Bend Radius
13:46 Outro and also credit reports