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Experience precision through Fiber Optics in Temperature Monitoring​

Experience accuracy temperature level surveillance with Rugged Monitoring’s Fiber Optic Sensors for EV screening. Our sensing units offer faster and also precise dimensions, making certain safety and security conformity and also staying clear of thermal run-away problems in high-voltage EVs. With our sensing units, you can lower examination set-up time and also raise the pass price with precise efficiency analysis.

For EV battery layout recognition and also misuse screening, our sensing units supply precise thermal profiling as well as very early discovery of concerns to aid layout high-performance EV batteries as well as stay clear of item remembers. They’re additionally being made use of by battery layout as well as examination designers at every phase of battery screening, consisting of rapid charging, intercell temperature level tracking, and also HV port temperature level screening.

Our sensing units can be straight mounted at stator windings and also high-voltage adapters with no seclusion.

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