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FC Fiber Optic attenuator, Fiber Signal Attenuation Converter, FC Ferrule Inserts Connector (FC-APC, 7dB)

【Connector Type】 7dB attenuation amount, FC-APC Female to FC-APC male attenuator, adopting high performance attenuated fiber

【Operation Wavelength】This attenuator is suitable for both 1310nm and 1550 nm single mode fiber connection

【High Attenuation Precision】 Attenuation precision: ±10%, when attenuation amount>5dB

【Transmission Stability】Reflectance: dB≥50, which ensures the optical power stay in a stable level on its original transmission wave.

【Easy Installation】 The simple and compact structure make it very user friendly, just need plug and play for installation

【Product Application】 Widely used in the fiber optic communication system, for example, optical instrument calibration or fiber signal attenuation etc.

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