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How to Splice Fiber Optic Patch Panel 48 Core – Splicing techniques

We will learn how to deal with optical fiber. On daily bases We become a Source to teach or learn from someone because Learning is in our nature. But most of all we learn by watching, easily and quickly.

Through this video you will love optical fiber work. To further enhance this learning process, we’ve created a video based of fiber optic splicing tutorial that will help you learn that.

1. how you can make a splice in 48 core SC/APC patch panel.
2. how you can dress pigtails in patch panel.
3. how you can get length of fiber optic for patch panel.
4. Different techniques of fiber optic splicing or termination.
5. Quick way of splicing.
6. how to use proper fiber optic color codes
7. how to prepare patch panel for splicing
8. stripping and cleaving techniques.
9. how to remove gel from fiber optic tubes.
10. splice/protection tubes/ heat shrink tube dressing in Trays.
11. how to deal with multi core optical fiber.

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Thanks and Regard: Teecho Vibes Team