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MECCANIXITY Fiber Optic Rods PMMA 1.5mmx20cm for Sight Filament Red, Green, Orange 1 Set Pack of 5

The fiber optic bar is made use of for substitute of the busted view or for attempting a brand-new color.Color: Fluorescence Red; Fiber Diameter: 1.5 mm/ 0.06 inch; Fiber Length: 20 centimeters/ 7.87 inch; Operation Temperature: 0 to 180 Fahrenheit; 1 Set -2 x Red as well as 1 x Green as well as 2 x Orange Fiber Optic Rods.The substitute fiber optics use an illumination shade for your view, with excellent optical conductivity as well as adaptable enough.Put the fiber wire right into the view opening, after that warming completion to repaired, last

sand completion to finish.The concept of the fiber optics is the great light directing, just in the light

, it will certainly use a great optic transfer efficiency.

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