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Optical Fiber Capacity Limits – Where Do We Go Next?

Fiber optics rollovers 95% of earthbound net and also exclusive network website traffic, as well as over 99% of worldwide web traffic using undersea cable televisions. It is an amazing tool, yet it has basic restrictions in regards to the mix of ability and also reach. With practically 5 billion kilometres of fiber optics currently set up, there is a solid motivation to remove as much ability from existing fiber as feasible.
In this tutorial we clarify what those basic restrictions are, and also what we can do to obtain as close as we can to them based upon a power structure of most affordable effect to highest possible influence on the network:
– The cheapest effect suggests making use of both the existing fiber optics in the ground today, and also the existing line systems that are set up on those fibers.
– Involving even more financial investment would certainly be to make use of existing fibers, yet to boost and also update the line systems.
– And the highest possible financial investment alternative would certainly be to release brand-new fiber kinds.

We will certainly discuss each of these choices, consisting of offering a description of arising fiber modern technologies. We will certainly likewise try to reveal the possible rise in capability from each of these choices.

Audio Speaker: Geoff Bennett