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Under the sea: Building Google’s fiber optic internet

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Google has one of the most innovative worldwide networks of fiber optic cable televisions that carries information to customers and also clients. Cords link information facilities as well as areas over land and also undersea via subsea wires.

Google has one of the most sophisticated international networks of fiber optic cable televisions that delivers information to customers as well as clients. Cable televisions attach information facilities and also areas over land as well as undersea via subsea cords. Stephanie goes behind the scenes to fulfill the groups that prepared one of our latest subsea wires, Topaz.

0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Visualizing Google’s international fiber optic network
1:03 – Topaz: among our latest subsea wires
1:15 – How Google anticipates network need
1:47 – How we enhance fiber capability
2:58 – Subsea cord companions
3:29 – Google’s most recent subsea cord improvements
4:32 – Conclusion

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