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Fiber Optics Lighting

Fiber Optics Lighting

Fiber optics for your lighting needs – now isn’t this a good idea? With fiber optics lighting, one is given a wide range of advantages over standard lighting systems.

Fiber optics lighting first of all does not carry electricity – it carries light, making it a safe way to go for one’s lighting needs. It emits only a little amount of heat making it ideal for use on hazardous areas, and on lighting items that may be heat sensitive.

The aesthetic effect of fiber optics lighting is beauty beyond question. Also, by utilizing a single lamp to illuminate many end points makes fiber optic lighting as convenient as it gets. Maintenance on this type of lighting requires less work and is convenient enough to make quick repairs or adjustments.

One can then be creative in coming up with color schemes to get special lighting effects. Its application has been seen in big restaurants, hotels and museums. For example, a company as Fiberstars –, which develops and manufactures fiber optic lighting products, have claimed to have provided fiber optic lighting to Starbucks, Disney parks, Caesar’s Palace, Hyatt Hotel, Carnival Cruise Lines, the Trump Tower – and many more.

MICA Fiber Optics Lighting – Fullerton, California

Mica Lighting has been in the industry for around 20 years. They offer lighting solutions with the tag line – “solutions that will light up your customers’ eyes”. They originally started out with low voltage decorative lighting products, but have now involved itself with the design and manufacture of fiber optics lighting products.

Fiber optics lighting couldn’t have been as popular today. And with the many advantages it holds over the previous lighting systems, one can only see the future with fiber optic lightings in place. The versatility of use is unparalleled. The light source can be placed in a strategic remote place, and with the other end points installed on ceilings, floors, walls, and even underwater.

Mica fiber optics lighting has their End Lit Fiber product for use on signage, curtains and special effects. They also have the Side Beam Multi-Stranded Fiber Optic Cable that can be used for lighting pools.

Fiber optics lighting products are many to choose from. And some traditional lighting product manufacturers have gradually incorporated such in their product lines. With the availability of fiber optic lighting systems, one can only imagine the vast possibilities of lighting methods and techniques, to light up and decorate a place.