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Get The Right Fiber Optics Tool Kit

Get The Right Fiber Optics Tool Kit

If you are one whose work involves activities as installing, handling, and repairing fiber optics, then you need the right tools for your job. A fiber optics tool kit is just what you need. With the necessary and specially made tools in your hands, you will be able to carry out and perform any process as splicing, installing connectors and even those used for maintenance work.

With fiber optics tool kit, one’s job will be a lot easier and the right tool will make one do the work safely and efficiently. One should never go without having a complete fiber optics tool kit with him. Your fiber optics tool kit should be able to accommodate any type of fiber systems and connectors. Installing, testing, terminating, restoring and cleaning fiber optic cabling are just a few of the many servicing activities one will do.

The nitty-gritty work would involve splicing, stripping, crimping, testing and polishing fiber optic cables. With these activities, one will need the best tools to do the job just right and prevent long downtimes to networks you are working on.

A fiber optics tool kit contains different tools in different types and sizes for different uses, and housed in a convenient carrying case.

At Corning Cable Systems

Product: Fiber Optic Splicing Tool Kits: a.) Basic Splicing Tool Kit – This contains tools mainly for fiber optic splicing use only. b.) Fiber Organizer Tape Applicator “Ribbonizer” Tool Kit (TKT-026-01A) – This is designed for preparation of around 6 inches of loose tube optical fibers for mass splicing.


Product: The Go4Fiber Standard Connectorization Kit – This is used for termination of connectors. This includes cable cutters, outer jacket stripper, universal polishing disc, automatic dispensing bottle, cable tie, universal continuity tester, permanent black cable marker and many more.


They carry many fiber optics tool kits here. They have a pretty good website that features these tool kits and provides a complete description of these. Their web pages will give you the information you need with regards to the product, the price, its availability in stock, etc. They carry brand names as Clauss, Corning, Leviton, Miller and Panduit. This is one site you may want to take a look at.

Fiber optics tool kits make your job a lot more convenient and a lot more efficient. With high quality tools in your hands, you will be assured that you will be able to provide a high quality of work as well.