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250ft/75m OD-5mm Industrial TPU OM3 Fiber LC to LC Outdoor Armored Fiber Patch Cable, Duplex Multimode Fiber Optic Cable, 40Gb 10Gb, 50/125, Uniboot LC-LC with Pulling Eye Kit Installed on one end

Industrial TPU Jacket features strong tensile strength, high abrasion resistance, water proof, high and low-temperature resistance, uv-resistant, bending resistant. Suitable for Various Harsh Installation Environments such as roads & snowfields & industrial fields & construction sites.

Can be installed overhead, buried directly in the ground, or routed through conduits.

Combination of Metal Steel Armor and Glass Fiber Yarns Provides Dual Physical Protection Against Rodents

Pulling eye Pre-Terminated OM3 Fiber cables: with swivel pulling eye kit installed on one end to eliminate cable damage during installation. You can remove the pulling eye kit after installation and keep it for reuse. The pulling eye kit is a must for any riser or plenum fiber installation

5.0mm Outer Diameter Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable, a larger diameter compared to 3.0mm cables: Thicker 5.0mm cables suitable for environments where the cable might be subjected to more wear and tear, such as outdoor installations, industrial settings, or areas with a higher risk of physical damage.

Multimode OM3 Duplex LC Uniboot connector: The uniboot design allows one cable to carry two fibers to reduce the cable bulk when routing. LC Uniboot Connectors also enable simplified polarity correction in the field. No tool required

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