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What Is Voice Over Internet Protocol?

What Is Voice Over Internet Protocol?

The “Voice Over Internet Protocol” telephone system is one of the modes of telecommunication via internet. The abbreviated form of “Voice Over Internet Protocol” is VOIP. It is a form of advanced computer technology that has affected the telephone systems.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Actually, there are three different types of VOIP services. The most commonly used service for business purposes is the VOIP service processed by using an “Analog Telephone Adapter” which is also known as ATA. It is the simplest type of VOIP service as ATA permits the use of a standard phone and it does not require any specifically designed IP phones that are generally used in other types of VOIP services.

ATA functions by transforming the analog signals into a set of digital packets. These packets are forwarded to the broadband internet connection and are apportioned to the apt and appropriate telephone exchange for the call to get completed.

How The Use Of VOIP Phones Is Advantageous In Business

The VOIP telephone service has been gaining popularity tremendously, especially, in the field of businesses. The VOIP service providers permit the utilization of standard telephones which enables to make phone calls through a telephone connected to a landline telephone system.

The VOIP system is inexpensive as the making of calls by using this system does not require any setting of phone lines and even the charges of calls are very cheap. This feature of cheap call rates is very much beneficial for the business people who are managing their businesses at international levels. It is the most efficient method of telephone system.

Difference Between VOIP Telephone System And Regular Telephone System

There are many people those who are bit confused between a VOIP telephone system and a regular telephone system. No doubt, the purpose of both the telephone systems is to make phone calls but the main difference lies in the manner they both work.

In a regular phone system, the analog audio signals are forwarded through fiber optics in the form of telephone lines to the traditional telephone companies and get converted into the voices. But in case of VOIP telephone system, the analog signals get converted into digital packets and are then forwarded to the broadband internet connection, which are then distributed to telephone exchange for the completion of a call.

How To Select Perfect VOIP system

There are numerous VOIP service providers in the competitive market but you should choose the best among them. The following tips can really assist you in finding the best service provider.

1 – Before planning to opt for a VOIP service provider, you should always survey the market thoroughly by going through the reviews and testimonials of the existing or old users. This will help in getting a comparative scenario in front of you and will help in taking a decision.

2 – You should always choose the VOIP service that provides all the services required by you. For example, a method to upgrade VOIP network without any additional equipment, cheap local and international call rates, etc.

3 – Enquire from the service providers about the features that they proffer if the phones and the analog adapters have to be taken along on business trips that is whether they provide wireless phones or handsets in such a case or not.

The Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone system has proved to be a great model in the telecommunication industry because of its unique features.