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Rsrteng OTDR Fiber Optic Tester 1610nm 22dB Test Rang 500m-100Km Live Fiber Test Support LS OPM VFL OLS Event Map RJ45 Test 8GB TF Card Analysis Software Connectors with UPC/FC SC LC ST SC/UPC-SC/APC

RJ45 Cable Test & Analysis Software RJ45 cord tracker of electronic radar, more powerful anti-jamming ability.Support RJ45 wire series/ cable television size examination, up to 300m (984fts). Battery & Gurantee Sevice The OTDR Fiber Optic Tester is powed by 3.7 V/4000mAh/ 14.8 Wh lithium battery, smart power conserving monitoring, constant examination > 12 hours.OTDR tester Net weight/Dimension: 1.1 lbs/6.81 x4.29 x1.77 inch. Prior to examination or examination result is not exact, please making use of the alcohol cotton to cleanse the fiber port.

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